Beginner: Lessons for riders with little or no experience will learn horsemanship basics, which includes haltering and leading, bridling and saddling, grooming, restraints, safety, as well as the basics of walking and trotting! 

Intermediate: Geared for riders with more then beginning skills, students will be expected to catch, groom, bridle and saddle their lesson horse prior to the start of their lesson. Walk, trot, and canter skills will be refined and reinforced. Some extra skills will be taught at that time.
Advanced: For riders with skills beyond the intermediate rider, these students will be taught and prepped for competition, showing, and more advanced forms of horse training and communication. 

We offer lessons in the Western Disciplines, English and Dressage.
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Woodinview Stables is pleased to offer a variety of private and group lesson plans. Lesson packages offer a savings over individual lesson purchases and specialty lessons are offered at a variety of times throughout the year. 
Lesson Packages available from single private to group lessons.

Please call for current prices and specials.

Updated:  06/07/2011